Interest in Pinterest

In my humble opinion, Pinterest is genius. It is a vortex of internet time-suck (and I mean that in the best way possible).  In the days B.P. (that’s Before Pinterest), I would see something cool on a website and email the link to myself. My inbox was a mess; cluttered with links to who-the-hell-knows-what. Life was dark and dreary and damn unorganized. Then a ray of light…Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest, you are the Einstein of our time. I find a link, make a board, click “pin it” and voila…interweb link chaos averted. Thank the lord baby Jesus. I can find all the links to recipes, clothing, shoes, men candy, funny pictures (basically anything my little heart could ever want) all in one place and categorized to my liking. So simple. So smart.

The brilliance of Pinterest is that you can share your pins with your friends. This Facebook-esque quality makes it all the more fun. Not only can I pin a picture of a pair of shoes or Ryan Gossling (both of which give me a lady boner), but I can share them with other Pinteresters. This sharing street goes both ways– not only can people see what I pin, but I can see what they pin. I can’t tell you how many items have gone in to my “If Money Grew on Trees” board. Thanks a lot Pinterest friends! I hope Santa visits my Pinterest page because otherwise my bank account is going to have some serious withdrawals.

It is ludicrous how much time I can spend pinning. I can see it becoming a serious problem and I may need to ask for help soon. Hi, my name is Angela and I’m addicted to Pinterest. I think the support group would be called Pinheads. There must be hundreds like me out there!

Pinterest is my new favorite pastime. I’m unsure about what that says about me. I think I need more friends. And Money. Seriously though, I love Pinterest. I love that it organizes the things on the web that I like, need, love, want, dream of and of course,  all the things I didn’t even know I liked, needed, wanted, dreamed of.


2 thoughts on “Interest in Pinterest

  1. Clarice says:

    All that tease, and then you didn’t link to your Pinterest boards.

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