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I’m a model

Have you seen my new Gap ad?

I know, Gap called and I didn’t even know that they knew who I was, but I figured…why the hell not. So, they set up this photo shoot and I was just groovin’ to some George Michael and BAM…ad history was made.

Oh my! If only in my dreams. This is totally not me, but when my old co-worker sent it to me, I really thought that Gap may have photoshopped my face on one of their lithe model bodies. I thought to myself that maybe there was a dancing talent scout at one of the recent weddings I went to where I was surely shaking my grove thing and they were just mesmerized by my sweet dance moves. Hey! It’s possible, right??? Wrong! Turns out this picture is of Nicki Bluhm. Yeah, the Nicki Bluhm that sings awesome Hall & Oats/Madonna/Buddy Holly covers in her car that I was obsessed with a couple months ago (thanks to Bess). Yeah. Apparently, we are twins when we sing and our hair is flying. Weird.

Event though I now know that my head was not photoshopped (damn, I could have sued myself in to some major Gap money), the resemblance is still a bit freaky. Of course, it is all just smoke and mirrors and angles, but I’ll take being a Gap model or just a Gap model look-a-like. I put a side by side pic below. Not too many of me looking in the same direction, but I think this is a pretty good example. What do you think? Are we twinsies or what?!?! Now, if only I could sing like Nicki….

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